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Personal Injury

Annapolis, Maryland Personal Injury Lawyers

Brassel Alexander, LLC offers years of cumulative experience in complex personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Our attorneys represent injury victims throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia in securing millions of dollars through verdicts and settlements.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We handle all motor vehicle/pedestrian accidents.

Premises Liability

We hold property owners accountable for serious injuries resulting from unsafe conditions or inadequate security. These accidents often result in broken bones, severe lacerations, head injury, burns, electrocution, or even permanent disability or death.

  • Slip and fall accidents caused by wet floors, spills, or uneven pavement due to negligent upkeep or construction defects.
  • Injuries caused by hazards on premises — sharp protrusions, holes, or falling products or debris.
  • Dangerous conditions in construction zones, such as holes, live electrical wires, or lack of safety barriers.
  • Assaults owing to lack of security, such as parking lots, bars, or apartment complexes.

Intentional Torts

We represent victims of intentional torts including protecting the rights of servicemen and women under both federal and state laws.

If you have a personal injury compensation claim or wish to consider a wrongful death lawsuit, contact us.